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Ethics for European Psychologists

von Geoff Lindsay, Casper Koene, Haldor Øvreeide, Fredi Lang


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Brings ethics into the daily work of professional psychologists, where it rightly belongs.

All psychologists need to know about and adhere to ethical standards and to be able to deal with ethical dilemmas. European national psychology associations have adopted EFPA’s European Meta-Code of Ethics as the basis for national codes – and thus for the standards applying to all psychologists in Europe.

This book outlines and discusses the Meta-Code on the basis of practical examples and vignettes.The four ethical principles, Respect, Competence, Responsibility, and Integrity are covered in core chapters. Others give substance to underlying concepts, as well as practical advice and examples for ethical problem solving and for application of the code.

Practicing psychologists can see how to put their daily practice on a sound ethical foundation and deal with challenging ethical dilemmas. The book will also be invaluable for teaching and training, in both basic courses and further education.

In addition, it provides a basis for psychologists' associations to develop codes and guidelines, monitor national practice, and evaluate ethical complaints – and for users of psychologists’ services to see what ethical standards they should expect. "This book was written by four eminent European Psychologists... As members of the European Federation of Psychologists Association (EFPA) Standing Committee on Ethics the authors are well aware of the ethical dilemmas facing practicing psychologists across Europe, regardless of their area of work - whether forensic, research, industrial, educational or clinical... This book is intended as a means to support the development of ethical practice by psychologists. It is practice orientated with 79 examples of situations giving rise to ethical considerations... Can any of us afford not to read it? It is quite simply essential reading."
Robert Riley in the Slovenian Journal of Psychotehrapy, 2009, Volume 3

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